OMR Software Division

The OMR Software (OMR Answer Sheet Checker) is a very simple to use OMR evaluation software for the evaluation of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based objective answer sheets used in various competitive exams. OMR software is a complete replacement alternative to costly OMR scanners.

What is Oscan Omr Software?

Oscan Omr software is world's fastest OMR Evaluation Software, The software developed by IIT alumni of Multigraphics, Oscan is compatible with any normal ADF scanner and give you desired result in three easy steps. Oscan trusted for 100% accuracy level, silent features of Oscan makes software unique and superior from other OMR software's. An advance feature of Oscan helps to read the data of even partially damaged sheet.

How it Works

  • Design Omr sheet as per your requirement, take the test, scan the sheets, and choose the template and Processed.
  • You will get 1000 students of results in 10 minutes with scan images in right and wrong manner according to your answers key.
  • No extra manpower qualified staff required for operating, a beginner can learn it in just half an hour.
  • Independently set your marking, negative marking, bonus marking, and subjective marking.

Silent Feature of Oscan

  • Oscan co-relates the pre & post exam activities

Oscan +3000 Omr Sheet Scanning Software is only software, which co-relates the post & pre examination activities by visualizing the mismatch & takes the corrective steps to eliminate the error.

  • Scanned Images Marking

Output images of scanned Omr Sheets marked with right for right answer, wrong with wrong with answer key of each right answer.

  • Window opening during Validation

Small window, which can be zoomed, is opened during the mismatch check.

  • Partially Damaged Sheet Scanning

Oscan also reads the partially damaged sheets, damaged during the exams, Oscan first align the skewed Omr Sheets & then it reads. Oscan is the only Omr Sheet Scanning Software has this unique feature.

  • Tremendous Reading Speed

Oscan +3000 speed is excellent without effecting the accuracy & cannot be matched by any software.

  • Inbuilt Template Designing

Template designing is very simple & easy.

  • OCR/ICR Facility

OCR/ICR is the added advantage to match the hand written data & Omr filled Data.

  • Complete Exam Solution for Pre & Post Exam activities

Oscan +3000 is the complete software for pre & post examination activities, simple online training is required to operate the software.

  • Image Reader

Oscan captures the images of Bar code, Litho Code, Photo, Signature image.

  • Admit Card Generator

Admit card can be generated from the Omr Form. Omr Form is so designed, generally in A-3 size, the bottom part is used as the Admit card.

  • Reporting Analysis

Result can be analyzed in type of patterns, subject wise, roll number & name wise, school wise, district wise, category wise, state wise. Reports can be customized as per requirement.

  • Mode of Result Declaration

Result can be declared on Website, Mails, and SMS & Phone.

  • Accuracy- 100%

Oscan Guarantees 100% accuracy & efficiency

  • User Friendly

Simple Online Training is sufficient to run Oscan. User manual is available with Oscan.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Oscan is very cost effective.

  • Customization

Oscan can be customized as per the requirement of clients.

  • Security Feature

Security features are main consideration & nobody can access the result without the permission of authorized person of organization.

Being the complete exam solution pre & post, leading Universities, State Service Commission, Leading Professional Institutes & Recruitment Organizations are appreciating this Software.