Methodology of OMR

OMR Sheet and OMR Sheet scanning based on two types of Methodology as follows

OMR Machine Methodology

In this Methodology first we scan the blank OMR Sheet for designing the template. OMR Scanning Machine pick up ID Mark, Timing Marks and Thickness of the OMR Sheet, then define the fields name according to OMR Sheet.

Data File is created after our template is ready and scan the all OMR Sheet accordingly.

Machine capture the bubbles as per the designed template.

Output and Data file is created in .dat format file System.

Utilizing the above data, we process the results.

There are some advantages and some disadvantages in the above Methodology as some times scanner do not accept the OMR Sheet because of various reasons.

OMR Software Methodology

The OMR Software Methodology is the latest and modern technology implemented and developed first time in India by the M/S Multitech Square, in this Methodology which accepts the tick technology.

In this process the candidate ticks in the circle and Oscan OMR Sheet Scanning software reads this tick by dropping the background Magenta bubble.

Now candidate can't challenge even in Honorable Court also as the Oscan OMR Sheet Scanning software reads tick only.